Pregnancy Checklist

pregnancy checklistCongratulations on being Pregnant!!
During pregnancy, a miracle unfolds inside you. Your baby’s growing, your body’s changing, and your hormones are surging, and in many ways you’re just along for the ride.Now you have to take a proper pregnancy checklist.But there are plenty of things you can do to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible and to prepare for what’s to come.

Here is a simple pregnancy checklist to guide you through a healthy pregnancy.Our pregnancy checklist can help you keep on track with all your tasks, from prenatal appointments and tests to baby showers, baby names, and baby-moons. It includes the must-do’s for your health and your baby’s as well as the fun stuff that makes pregnancy so memorable.

The pregnancy checklist: First Trimester

The pregnancy checklist: Second Trimester

The pregnancy checklist: Third Trimester