Why is the Ultrasound done during certain times of the Pregnancy?
Fetal Ultrasound is done to learn the health of the fetus. Different information is gained at different times (trimesters during  your pregnancy.

1st  Trimester fetal ultrasound is done to:

  • Determine how the pregnancy is progressing.
  • Find out if you are pregnancy with more than 1 fetus.
  • Estimate the age of the fetus.
  • Estimate the risk of Chromosome defects such as down’s Syndrome.
  • Check for birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord.

2nd Trimester fetal Ultrasound and screening is done to:

  • Estimate age of the fetus (gestational age).
  • Look at the size and position of the baby.
  • Determine the position of the fetus, umbilical cord and the placenta during a procedure, such as amniocentesis or umbilical cord blood sampling.
  • Detect major defects, such as neural tube defects or heart problems.
  • Triple market test is done to determine Chromosomal defects such as Down’s syndrome.

3rd Trimester fetal ultrasound is done to:

  • Look at the position of the fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid volume
  • To monitor fetal growth.